Understanding How A Match Poker Bonus Works

If you’re familiar with first deposit bonuses for casinos, understanding how a poker bonus works is important, as the two are different.

Poker bonuses for first deposits are match bonuses in the way that casino bonuses are. For instance, 100% up to $100. A poker bonus is also a match bonus but is usually at a higher denomination. For example, 100% up to $500. The money for poker bonuses are “real money” and not money that you have to give back once you cashout. There are requirements on the bonus (usually you have to rake a certain amount) but they’re usually much easier to achieve than casino bonuses as there are no restricted games. (Sometimes Tournaments do not count towards rake requirements, it depends on the site.)

Like with any other bonus, before accepting it make sure you understand how the poker bonus works that you’re thinking of taking. It’s always possible to tell the online poker room that you’re playing at to not give you the bonus (but once you start playing, it’s usually stuck in the system so make sure you decide before you start playing!)

Accepting a poker bonus is most likely worth it and they don’t come along as often as casino bonuses for the reasons explained above. This means that it’s also worth investing more into your first deposit because you’ll regret only getting a small match bonus when usually you can get up to $500 or $600 – and that same offer doesn’t come around again so fast.

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