New Look Online Scratch Cards

Thanks to the power of the internet, there’s no longer any need to pop to the shop to play one of the UK’s favourite lotto games – scratch cards. In fact, whether you’re chilling at home, taking a (well deserved) break at work or just yearning for fun, you can now get it with the latest gaming innovation to rise to fame in cyberspace. Most importantly, you’re likely to be more than impressed with the digital up-grade given to the world’s most basic lotto game – and even more impressed with the payout potential – check it out…

New look scratch cards

Maybe a decade ago online scratch cards might have struggled to deliver a real feel experience – but the latest ultra-real casino software creates beautifully slick and desirable cards, with cool animated graphics and classic fruit machine like sounds. Many games even contain digital coin options, for even more realism. Another advantage of digital scratchies is the range of cards – with constant new releases and more styles and themes than you’ll ever find at your local shop! You’ll soon fall for the fun charms of scratch cards, giving you instant fun and feel-good gaming whenever you want it.

Online scratch card game-play and strategies

Playing internet scratch cards is very simple, with a simple click and play functionality:

Select a scratch card
Choose a card value
Click to scratch and win

What’s cool about scratchie gaming is the opportunity to select you personal gaming style – such as playing hundreds of cards and clicking auto-scratch to instantly look for winning cards. Alternatively, scratch card gaming can be enjoyed with a chilled-out attitude, taking your time to select a range of cards and savour the excitement of revealing each icon one by one.

However, whatever your gaming preferences, you’ll enjoy the same average payout levels around 95-98%, more than a match for offline scratchies. However, when it comes to boosting your fun and reward potential with simple tips and strategies, how do scratch card scrub up? The truth is scratchie gaming is essentially about luck – but that doesn’t mean some little strategies can improve your gaming…

Use level bet cards for a pre-defined number of casino sessions. Double your stakes when you double your bank!

Never chase losses with bigger and bigger card values – there’s never a guarantee!

Split your scratch card fun into several sessions per week, to avoid one bad session and find the hot cards.

Decide how many cards you’re going to play per week – and stick to it!

With jackpot levels ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands (depending on your card value) – online scratch cards offer immense intrinsic fun, coupled with massive wins for the luckiest gamers. If you fancy trying online scratch cards to see how they really compare to the ‘real thing’ – take advantage of free casino bonuses, and make up your own mid about these gaming classics.

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