Internet Gambling Casinos Prohibition Law

Although Nevada has a law which prohibits the use of internet gambling casinos by residents of the state, it has shown considerable laxity in taking action against those that do.

Without question, it would be difficult, and unnecessarily invasive, to break into the homes of people suspected of breaking the ban on the use of internet gambling casinos. Likewise, it is impossible to go after the internet gambling casinos, since most are located offshore and are not breaking the laws of the places in which they are located. However, some say an easy way to further enforcement of the law would be to warn, and then fine, the dozens of popular venues in which internet gambling casinos advertise their wares.

Card Player Magazine, for example, is owned and published in the state of Nevada. This popular magazine, which is distributed free of charge in many poker rooms, is full of ads for internet gambling casinos. Last month’s issue, for example, contained 21 full pages of ads for internet gambling casinos.

The state, however, seems to prefer to take no action at all against the internet gambling casinos or their advertisers, calling for the federal government to address the issue. This results in confusion for Nevadans who enjoy playing at internet gambling casinos.

Sure, I play poker online once a week, said Pat Jones, a 47 year- old mother from Reno. I never even heard that it is illegal in this state ‘Why should internet gambling be illegal in Nevada’

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