How to Manage and Increase your Poker Bankroll

A big portion of online poker is bankroll. Without an initial bankroll you cannot play online poker (you can play free poker, but it’s not the same as the real thing). Most poker players deposit an initial amount of money and often they lose it at online poker rooms in few days, instead of increasing it. They then deposit another sum and another sum and it goes on forever. But there’s a perfect way to avoid such cases and that’s by applying the 2-1-2 system, which had been invented by the notorious gambling writer – John Patrick.

The 2-1-2 system is designed to lock a certain profit, thus saving it in case you lose at a poker round. Though this system is not used by poker players, but baccarat players, you can grasp the idea and apply it in your bets.

The 2-1-2 system works when you first win and it goes like this: If the online poker table’s minimum is $10 then place a bet of $20. If you win you have $30, and the next round you place half of your initial bet – $10. If you win again you have $40 and you place again a bet of $20. That’s the 2-1-2 system: $20-$10-$20.

If you lose money at any point you begin it all over again, but remember – you have “locked” a portion of your money aside, and this would increase your bankroll round after round. If you lose too much money and you then turn to use your “locked” money to place more bets then maybe online poker is not really the best game for you.

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