Jackpotjoy turns a Brit tradition into a clever marketing move

UK online bingo marketers at the UK site Jackpotjoy.com came up with a creative promotional version of the Queen’s New Year Speech, a British institution in which honours are traditionally dispensed to the good and worthy.
In the tongue-in-cheek Jackpotjoy version, its resident ‘Queen of Bingo’, veteran actress Barbara Windsor, appeared in a video clip, handing out special bonuses and promos instead of knighthoods and medals.

Gamesys spokesman Aga Reszka claimed that over the past few months since the royalty campaign was launched, the Queen [of Bingo] along with her energetic courtier Jack and glamorous assistant Joy have gone straight to the nation’s hearts. The site’s Christmas promotions offered members the chance to decorate the virtual royal palace for guaranteed cash, to earn presents from Jack’s stocking and to earn double Joy Points if they could find Joy’s Secret Message.

Alongside all this festive cheer, the Queen of Bingo gave the site’s members a very special present guaranteeing GBP75,000 of Bingo Royale jackpots in just two weeks.

The promotions saw record registrants, and brought a real dose of Christmas cheer to the site, Reszka says.

Adele Lawton, who heads up operations at Jackpotjoy, agreed, adding: “Partly because the Christmas offers were so strong, we knew we needed to bring out something very special as the icing on the cake, and the Queen’s Speech for the new year gave us just that opportunity.”

Jackpotjoy’s Queen’s Speech, was released on Jackpotjoy on Boxing Day. The Queen talked about her youth as a Bingo princess, her love of giving away money and made a few saucy jokes in true cheeky Barbara Windsor fashion.…

Monday Night Football Odds For Fans

For many people, NFL games are about the most exciting sporting events there are. Prime time games, for many, are the best of all. And, regardless of the Monday Night Football odds, those games tend to be contests between two very competitive teams. It has become such a compelling event that people plan out where to watch it well in advance.

For a lot of people, the game is basically another reason to socialize with friends. A lot of times, fans will organize small parties at the same time each week. Many groups of people take to rotating homes to host the viewing get together.

On many nights during each year, the interest in watching the games is something that businesses try to take advantage of. Due to the fact that this game has become such a massive social event, bar and restaurant owners promote it at their businesses. Happy hours often turn into happy Mondays all because of the popularity of this sporting event.

Other popular venues for watching the games are casinos. Most of the focus is on one single game since this is usually the only high profile event that is being televised. Likewise, gamblers pay special attention to this one game because there are few alternatives to grab the betting attention.

For those that are on the road, there are creative ways to watch the games as well. Travelers will often fight the boredom of a seemingly endless trip by watching the game on a phone or computer. In a sense, people who travel with a great deal of frequency can take these games with them.

With the interest in the sport combined with all the available viewing options, hardly anyone has to miss the game. And, regardless of the Monday Night Football odds for that particular week, with all the fanfare, it is sure to be a fun and exciting evening. Nearly everyone at any place can enjoy the spectacle that it has become.

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