Jackpotjoy turns a Brit tradition into a clever marketing move

UK online bingo marketers at the UK site Jackpotjoy.com came up with a creative promotional version of the Queen’s New Year Speech, a British institution in which honours are traditionally dispensed to the good and worthy.
In the tongue-in-cheek Jackpotjoy version, its resident ‘Queen of Bingo’, veteran actress Barbara Windsor, appeared in a video clip, handing out special bonuses and promos instead of knighthoods and medals.

Gamesys spokesman Aga Reszka claimed that over the past few months since the royalty campaign was launched, the Queen [of Bingo] along with her energetic courtier Jack and glamorous assistant Joy have gone straight to the nation’s hearts. The site’s Christmas promotions offered members the chance to decorate the virtual royal palace for guaranteed cash, to earn presents from Jack’s stocking and to earn double Joy Points if they could find Joy’s Secret Message.

Alongside all this festive cheer, the Queen of Bingo gave the site’s members a very special present guaranteeing GBP75,000 of Bingo Royale jackpots in just two weeks.

The promotions saw record registrants, and brought a real dose of Christmas cheer to the site, Reszka says.

Adele Lawton, who heads up operations at Jackpotjoy, agreed, adding: “Partly because the Christmas offers were so strong, we knew we needed to bring out something very special as the icing on the cake, and the Queen’s Speech for the new year gave us just that opportunity.”

Jackpotjoy’s Queen’s Speech, was released on Jackpotjoy on Boxing Day. The Queen talked about her youth as a Bingo princess, her love of giving away money and made a few saucy jokes in true cheeky Barbara Windsor fashion.…

Monday Night Football Odds For Fans

For many people, NFL games are about the most exciting sporting events there are. Prime time games, for many, are the best of all. And, regardless of the Monday Night Football odds, those games tend to be contests between two very competitive teams. It has become such a compelling event that people plan out where to watch it well in advance.

For a lot of people, the game is basically another reason to socialize with friends. A lot of times, fans will organize small parties at the same time each week. Many groups of people take to rotating homes to host the viewing get together.

On many nights during each year, the interest in watching the games is something that businesses try to take advantage of. Due to the fact that this game has become such a massive social event, bar and restaurant owners promote it at their businesses. Happy hours often turn into happy Mondays all because of the popularity of this sporting event.

Other popular venues for watching the games are casinos. Most of the focus is on one single game since this is usually the only high profile event that is being televised. Likewise, gamblers pay special attention to this one game because there are few alternatives to grab the betting attention.

For those that are on the road, there are creative ways to watch the games as well. Travelers will often fight the boredom of a seemingly endless trip by watching the game on a phone or computer. In a sense, people who travel with a great deal of frequency can take these games with them.

With the interest in the sport combined with all the available viewing options, hardly anyone has to miss the game. And, regardless of the Monday Night Football odds for that particular week, with all the fanfare, it is sure to be a fun and exciting evening. Nearly everyone at any place can enjoy the spectacle that it has become.

Looking to find the best deal on Monday night football odds, then visit www.valuesportspicks.com and Monday night football picks for you.…

Iowa governor suggests enlarging gaming tax

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad has intended a major tax hike on the country’s casino business as a sector of his budget introduced to the Legislature a week ago. According to his suggestion the gambling incomes generated by Iowa’s riverboat and racetrack casinos will be imposed 36 percent tax. Nowadays Iowa’s casinos are imposed by a gambling tax which is equal to 22 percent. The two racetrack casinos in Altoona and Council Bluffs have to pay a state tax that is 24 percent on their fixed total receipts from casino operations. Assistants of governor informed that the enlarged casino taxes will be used to finance a $200 million diminishing in Iowa corporate taxes, which compose at the rate of about 6 percent of country’s gainings now.

If governor’s proposal is accepted, Iowa will probably have a playing tax frame that is alike Illinois, as it is widely known, it has one of the largest gaming tax rates in the whole state. Union Gaming Group Principal Bill Lerner told investors that if the tax rates of casinos are higher, it will become possible to pay more money and attention to promotions, bonuses, advertising and marketing. Lerner reported that in consideration of the fact that almost all the casinos in Iowa are the greatest tourist sights and destinations, it would be logical to suppose that there will be a lot of opposition to Gov. Branstad’s new budget proposal. “We do suspect that a gaming tax increase would be partially offset by the proposed corporate tax cut”, – he finished a report.…

Internet Gambling Casinos Prohibition Law

Although Nevada has a law which prohibits the use of internet gambling casinos by residents of the state, it has shown considerable laxity in taking action against those that do.

Without question, it would be difficult, and unnecessarily invasive, to break into the homes of people suspected of breaking the ban on the use of internet gambling casinos. Likewise, it is impossible to go after the internet gambling casinos, since most are located offshore and are not breaking the laws of the places in which they are located. However, some say an easy way to further enforcement of the law would be to warn, and then fine, the dozens of popular venues in which internet gambling casinos advertise their wares.

Card Player Magazine, for example, is owned and published in the state of Nevada. This popular magazine, which is distributed free of charge in many poker rooms, is full of ads for internet gambling casinos. Last month’s issue, for example, contained 21 full pages of ads for internet gambling casinos.

The state, however, seems to prefer to take no action at all against the internet gambling casinos or their advertisers, calling for the federal government to address the issue. This results in confusion for Nevadans who enjoy playing at internet gambling casinos.

Sure, I play poker online once a week, said Pat Jones, a 47 year- old mother from Reno. I never even heard that it is illegal in this state ‘Why should internet gambling be illegal in Nevada’…

Improving Your Earnings In An Online Casino

The casino online business is experiencing extended growth and customers can have the exact same pleasure as present in a Las Vegas casino. If you love casinos but do not have the time to get dressed up and visit one you can revive the same experience right in the convenience of home when you play online.

Depending on the casino the variety of games varies. With games like blackjacks, poker, roulette or machine games there are a variety of games that you could select from. Before you play make sure that the company is legitimate before you deposit your money. Obviously when you play you are looking to make money so here are a few things to keep in mind.

Gambling online can in fact be lucrative once you know the way to navigate the game and techniques as well. Similar to the typical way of having to attend a real casino to gamble, many people suffered financial failures or bankruptcy after betting in an online casino mainly because they made a little mistake of not choosing the right casino to make money and win prizes. If you’ve a talent for poker, black jack, roulette, or anything in between, make sure to pick an online casino that has a valid license in operating as you don’t want to be ripped off after shelling out a lot of money.

Next, for your own benefit, if you are still a novice in gambling, try playing in free online casinos only. There are many free online casinos you could try, and you don’t even need to spend a large sum of money to get involved. Try the online casino Deutschland to test your gambling skills first given that practice makes perfect. The site also provides ‘real money’ option. The more you practice, the greater your prospect in winning in a casino. You have to be aware of tricks and how the game works, prior to moving onto a casino. If you’re seeking good online casinos, make sure that they have eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) ‘Play it Safe’ stamp of approval. Search for this on the site. Furthermore, when you’re playing in an online casino, ensure that you have a fast Internet connection. In order that you do have better chance in winning, your game should not be easily interrupted as a result of slowness of your DSL connection. While …

How To Surely Appreciate Online Casino Games

Players who search for a possibility to have more enjoyment should always consider coming online so that they can actually get the most from web-based gaming resources. Today online game players can actually find a way more online gaming services than ever, inclusive of the most favorite casino games, such as blackjack, roulette and bingo.

World wide web is so fantastic reservoir of online gaming for a lot of of us who love casino games. The most legendary money game, primarily in the UK, is bingo, for the reason that it is so user-friendly and obtainable online at any time one might wish to have a pleasure.

Accessibility and enjoyment – these are two terms that represent a reason why this game became one of the top choice among United kingdom gaming users. On top of that, bingo is really entertaining because players may join with a little cash. Bingo is one of most simple games to play around that players can actually win real cash consequently.

Last decade this game has got substantially wider niche than always and enthusiasts all over the world can effortlessly get involved in gaming due to the great number of bingo sites out there which provide playing in most fascinating and entertaining way.

It is exceedingly proposed to learn about all of the distinctive alternatives out there at the moment seeing that every different bingo internet site comes with individual gaming taste and a game by itself may be played utilizing various rules. Prior to actually playing for real money, even tiny, it is advantageous to inspect bingo internet sites and their offerings and bonuses.

Some gamblers wish to play free games online (no deposit bingo) as a initial step. This really is a smart and practical approach which can help to track down the best gaming sites with offers and promotions that fit their choices and requirements.

Lots of online players only play to get involved or hand over some time for fun. They occasionally go with a bingo site quickly out of a hundreds of online gaming sites without ever making any market research. They just do not wish to waste time on investigation rather enjoy the game by itself. For these users we may advise to use many different resource portals which review gaming sites and suggest the best sites to play that you may trust.

Using appropriate gaming portals may …

Want To Be The Best Online Casino Gambler

he next time you decide to gamble at an online casino Deutschland, make sure you know exactly what choices to make so that you are at the top of your game.

First of all, make sure you research what promotions your favorite online casino is having at the moment. Maybe there is a great deal on one of your favorite games, or a prize that you’re dying to win. Using this information to your advantage will see you have more fun and possibly even win more cash. Second, it’s important to make sure you use the welcome bonus or sign-up bonus that just about every online casino these days offers new members.

Many times new players are invited to make a deposit and get a special bonus at the same time, which can be worth hundreds of Euros depending on the amount you decide to invest.

Make sure you choose the right online casino and the right time to deposit in order to get the most out of your money. Third, it’s also important to know which casino games have the best odds for online gamblers. Some games are a lot of fun, but there’s little chance that you’ll be a winner if you choose to focus all your time on playing them.

If the thought of winning money excites you, make sure you choose a game that will help you win!…

How to Manage and Increase your Poker Bankroll

A big portion of online poker is bankroll. Without an initial bankroll you cannot play online poker (you can play free poker, but it’s not the same as the real thing). Most poker players deposit an initial amount of money and often they lose it at online poker rooms in few days, instead of increasing it. They then deposit another sum and another sum and it goes on forever. But there’s a perfect way to avoid such cases and that’s by applying the 2-1-2 system, which had been invented by the notorious gambling writer – John Patrick.

The 2-1-2 system is designed to lock a certain profit, thus saving it in case you lose at a poker round. Though this system is not used by poker players, but baccarat players, you can grasp the idea and apply it in your bets.

The 2-1-2 system works when you first win and it goes like this: If the online poker table’s minimum is $10 then place a bet of $20. If you win you have $30, and the next round you place half of your initial bet – $10. If you win again you have $40 and you place again a bet of $20. That’s the 2-1-2 system: $20-$10-$20.

If you lose money at any point you begin it all over again, but remember – you have “locked” a portion of your money aside, and this would increase your bankroll round after round. If you lose too much money and you then turn to use your “locked” money to place more bets then maybe online poker is not really the best game for you.…

Understanding Poker Basics

There are many different types of poker games that are played at online casinos for gambling, some of the more popular ones being Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Poker.

Different gambling games have different rules, but the different poker hands always have the same rankings in relation to one another. In some gambling poker games, there are shared or communal cards on the poker table in which players may use (or must use, depending on the game) as part of their hand.

A betting card game with different rounds, poker players have the options in each round to fold (quit the game with no more betting), call (stay in the game without raising the bet, though whether the option to do this is available is dependent on the game), or raise. The main objective of every poker game is to reach the final round with the highest ranking cards, and the way to do that is to either have the highest cards, or bluff your way to the end and hope that others with higher sets fold.

Knowing when to do this and when not to is a very important strategy in the game, and can help you win but can also make you lose.

Any gambling game, especially poker, is more about understanding the strategies than the rules, the rules are easy. Learning how to figure out what strategies your opponents are using is quite useful and important as well, and learning how to do this, as well as other strategies, takes research and practice!…

Understanding How A Match Poker Bonus Works

If you’re familiar with first deposit bonuses for casinos, understanding how a poker bonus works is important, as the two are different.

Poker bonuses for first deposits are match bonuses in the way that casino bonuses are. For instance, 100% up to $100. A poker bonus is also a match bonus but is usually at a higher denomination. For example, 100% up to $500. The money for poker bonuses are “real money” and not money that you have to give back once you cashout. There are requirements on the bonus (usually you have to rake a certain amount) but they’re usually much easier to achieve than casino bonuses as there are no restricted games. (Sometimes Tournaments do not count towards rake requirements, it depends on the site.)

Like with any other bonus, before accepting it make sure you understand how the poker bonus works that you’re thinking of taking. It’s always possible to tell the online poker room that you’re playing at to not give you the bonus (but once you start playing, it’s usually stuck in the system so make sure you decide before you start playing!)

Accepting a poker bonus is most likely worth it and they don’t come along as often as casino bonuses for the reasons explained above. This means that it’s also worth investing more into your first deposit because you’ll regret only getting a small match bonus when usually you can get up to $500 or $600 – and that same offer doesn’t come around again so fast.…